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Wine and Cheese Pairing

Baby Swiss - Asti Spumanti

Bleu - Tawny Port, Madeira, Sherry

Boursin - Gewurztraminer

Brie, Vintage - Champagne, Sweet Sherry

Brie, US - Cabernet, Beaujolais

Camembert - Cabernet, Chenin Blanc

Caraway - Gewurztraminer

Cheddar, Mild - Champagne, Chardonnay

Cheddar, Strong - Cabernet, Rioja, Sauvignon Blanc

Cheshire - Riesling

Chevre - Gewurztraminer, Champagne

Colby - Riesling, Champagne

Cream Cheese - White Zinfandel

Danish Blue - Cabernet

Edam - Riesling, Dry Champagne

Feta - Beaujolais

Goat Cheese - Sancerre, Vouvray

Gorgonzola - Sauternes - Bordeaux

Gouda - Riesling, Champagne

Gruyere - Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc

Havarti - Bordeaux, Rioja

Monterey Jack - Riesling

Muenster - Beaujolais, Zinfandel

Provolone - Chardonnay

Roquefort - Tawny Port

Stilton - Port

Swiss - Gewurztraminer