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Phyllo Wrapped Baked Brie
with Red Pepper Compote

Top Phyllo Wrapped Baked Brie with Red Pepper Compote, or your favorite preserves.

Phyllo Wrapped Bake Brie




  1. Thaw one roll of fillo, following thawing instructions on package.
  2. Place one sheet of fillo on counter, keeping the remaining sheets covered with a damp towel or plastic wrap. Lightly coat the entire fillo sheet with cooking spray. Repeat with three more sheets of fillo, but do not spray the top layer. Repeat with the remaining four fillo sheets to make a second set.
  3. Place Brie wheel in the middle of one set of layered fillo. Place second layered fillo set over the Brie wheel in the same direction as the bottom set. Mold the top fillo set around the Brie. Cut the fillo leaving a 1 1/2-inch border around the Brie wheel; a pizza cutter works well.
  4. Starting with the closest fillo edge, begin to tightly roll the fillo up to the cheese. Continue rolling the fillo until you have reached the starting point creating a ring around the Brie wheel. Trim any excess fillo and tuck into the beginning rolled section of fillo. Lightly egg wash all the fillo. Reroll unused sheets and wrap in plastic for later use.
  5. On a baking tray, bake Brie wheel for 10-12 minutes in a preheated 400 degrees F oven or until the fillo is golden brown.
  6. Let stand for 15-20 minutes before cutting.
  7. Top with Red Pepper Compote, or your favorite preserve.

Recipe and photo photo used with permission from: Athens Foods