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8-Layer Dip


I love this dip. It fills us for dinner and works great as a party dip.



  1. Mix refried beans with taco seasoning (this will be your bottom layer.) Spread onto serving platter.
  2. Spread bleu cheese dressing onto beans.
  3. Spread sour cream onto bleu cheese dressing carefully.
  4. Sprinkle onions and green chile peppers onto sour cream.
  5. Sprinkle lettuce over onions and chile peppers.
  6. Sprinkle tomatoes over lettuce.
  7. Sprinkle olives over tomatoes.
  8. Mix both shredded cheeses and spread over olives. (Last layer)
  9. Serve with Tostitos chips/crackers/corn chips.

Posted by jerseyjan at Recipe Goldmine May 3, 2001.

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