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Orange Pineapple Cream Cake




  • 1 (18.25 ounce) box yellow cake mix
  • 1 (11 ounce) can mandarin oranges
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 cup oil


  • 1 (3 1/2 ounce) box instant vanilla pudding powder
  • 1 (20 ounce) can crushed pineapple
  • 8 ounces whipped topping


  1. In a large mixing bowl, combine all cake ingredients. Mix and bake by package directions in two 9-inch round cake pans.
  2. Cool layers on rack. Split cake layers (you'll end up with four).
  3. In a large mixing bowl, combine pudding powder and crushed pineapple.
  4. Fold in whipped topping.
  5. Spread frosting between layers and frost the cake.

Serves 16 to 18.

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