Honey-Hot Pepper-Orange Marmalade

Honey-Hot Pepper-Orange Marmalade

This marmalade is very versatile as a spread, and also as a glaze or side garnish for roast poultry. Put a dab atop crackers with cream cheese, and you guests will riot for more!


  • 2 peels from large, ripe oranges
  • Fresh hot peppers*
  • 8 ounces honey

* Fresh hot peppers: your choice of variety and quantity. Recommended: Serranos, Guam "Boonie Peppers" or other small Asian peppers - maybe even a single, fresh Jalapeno.


  1. Grate the two orange peels into small sauce pan; add the honey and mix well.
  2. While holding each pepper by the stem, use sharp scissors to cut THIN cross sections (seeds and all) into the honey-orange peel mixture. Taste after adding each pepper, adding more if desired.
  3. Put pan over medium heat, stirring constantly. DO NOT ALLOW THE HONEY TO BOIL.
  4. When mixture is well-blended and thoroughly heated (just starting to steam), spoon it into a freshly washed glass jar - like jam jar - and cover immediately.
  5. Once cool, it's ready - and does not need refrigeration after opening.

Recipe and photo credit (used with permission): National Honey Board - nhb.org