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Open Jar Pickles

These pickles need not be sealed and will keep indefinitely. They are crisp and delicious.


  • 9 pounds medium-size cucumbers
  • 1 tablespoon alum
  • 1 pint vinegar
  • 1 pint water
  • 3 pounds granulated sugar
  • 6 cups vinegar
  • 1 ounce stick cinnamon
  • 1/2 ounce whole allspice


  1. Make salt brine to cover cucumbers, using 1 cup salt to 1 gallon water. Let stand for 3 days, then drain.
  2. Soak cucumbers in cold water for the next 3 days, changing the water each day.
  3. Drain and cut pickles crosswise into 2 or 3 pieces.
  4. Mix 1 pint vinegar with 1 pint water, add alum and allow pickles to simmer in this solution for 2 hours. For a greener appearance, a little green coloring may be added.
  5. Drain and pack in earthen or glass jar.
  6. Combine sugar, vinegar and spices and let boil 5 minutes.
  7. Pour hot syrup over pickles.

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