Corned Beef Hash

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  • 2 cups corned beef, ground
  • 3 cups cold boiled potatoes, ground
  • 1 onion, ground
  • Salt, to taste
  • Pepper, to taste
  • 4 tablespoons shortening


  1. Mix corned beef, potatoes, onion and seasonings together. If the mixture seems dry, moisten with a little milk or cream.
  2. Heat shortening in skillet.
  3. Spread ground mixture evenly over skillet. Cook over medium low heat until hash is slightly brown on bottom.

Serves 4.

Corned Beef with Egg: After mixing corned beef ingredients, put into individual baking dishes. Make an indentation in the center of each and break and egg into the center. Put into the oven and bake for about 25 minutes at 325 degrees F.