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Star of David

This is for use as a Hanukkah decoration or for a chatchke.

A simple star of David can be made from 6 craft sticks (some craft stores carry these already painted), one yard of gold or silver cord or very narrow ribbon, markers, and craft glue or hot glue.

Use a marker to color front, back, and sides of 6 craft sticks (that is if you are not using prepainted craft sticks). Another option is to color 2 sets of 3 in contrasting colors. Suggestions are one set in yellow-gold to use in front, and a set in teal or blue to use behind.

Form 2 equilateral triangles by gluing an exact match at each corner of 3 adjoining craft sticks. The best procedure is to make one end under and the opposite end on top as you go around the triangle. Plan the positions before you glue. Allow to dry. Either a small dot of hot glue (parents to supervise) or craft-type glue will work. Do not use "school glue" for wood bonding.

Position the triangles to form a Star of David, then glue in place. Let dry.

Begin from underneath the horizontal stick on the front triangle. Using gold or silver cord (or substitute), wrap clockwise around the star, going over the joints from underneath each time. If you leave about 12 inches before you start wrapping, you will have less to adjust when you are finished.

Adjust ends to match in length and tie knot behind the stick so it will not show. Bring ends up and tie a bow above the point of the rear triangle. Trim ends to match. Hang from the loop below the bow.

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