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Four Hand Texas


This is a game for four people, and opposite players are partners.

In this game, tricks and honors are what count, and there is no line built.

Each person draws seven pieces and a double six set is used.

Ten points each are given on the five-five and six-four; five points are given on the five-naught, three-two and four-one; each trick counts a point. This makes a total of 42 possible points for each hand.

Bidding is to the left of the one chosen to start who is called the dealer. Dealer bids last.

The "double" of the trump bid is the highest, as for example, if 3s are trump, the three-three is the highest; then comes the six-three, the five-three, etc. Doubles also may be a bid and when made trump the highest double takes the trick. No trumps may also be bid.

1. Each player bids the value of his hand and other layers may raise or pass as they choose. Thirty is the lowest bid that can be made to start. When a player has bid a limit bid, namely 42, each of the other players has the privilege of continuing the bid by doubling. In other words, the second bidder after a bid of 42 is made, must bid 84 or pass. The third bidder must bid 168 or pass and the fourth bidder must bid 250 or pass. Bidding is continued until one player secures the bid after all others have passed. Trumps are not named until bidding has been completed. Player must follow suit. If he cannot do so, he can either trump or discard. Bidder has first lead.

2. Each side scores the number of points actually taken in unless the bidder fails to make his bid, in which case the side not bidding counts its own score plus the amount bid. When limit bids have been made, the winner counts the amount of his bid; if a limit bidder loses his bid, his opponents score the amount of his bid plus the score they make.

3. Two hundred and fifty points constitutes game and in case of a close game when both sides "go out," the bidder is always the winner even though his total points over 250 may be less than his opponents.

4. In playing no trump, the highest spot of the piece led becomes the trump for that particular trick, and other players must follow that trump or discard. In no trump, the "double" is always the highest.


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