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Twenty pieces are used in this game, with the double ace and all blanks being removed.

The game is played the same as regular poker and is governed by all of its rules except that the hands rank differently, in the following order:

One Pair - any two doubles

Flush - any five of a suit such as six-one, six-three, six-four, six-five, six-six

Three's - and any three doubles

Four Straight - a sequence of fours such as four-six, four-five, four-four, four-three

Full Hand - three doubles and two of any suit as six-six, three-three, two-two and two-four and two-one

Five Straight - a sequence of five such as three-one, three-two, three-three, three-four, three-five

Fours - any four doubles

Six Straight - a sequence or rotation of sixes

Royal - five doubles

When none of the above hands are out, the best is determined by the rank of the highest piece.