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Candy Cane Candle Holder




  1. Do not remove wrappers from candy canes.
  2. Glue one candy cane to side of pillar candle with hook part of candy can facing down and out. Glue second candy cane directly opposite first candy cane. You want to have the hooked part of the candy cane as a support base so be careful to glue on a flat surface to assure balance.
  3. Continue by gluing third candy cane to candle at a right angle to the two glued (similar to a compass at North, South, East and West). Glue fourth candy cane opposite to third.
  4. Continue filling in areas with candy canes. Remember to assure balance when doing this.
  5. Once done gluing candy canes on tie a ribbon or raffia around bottom of candy canes and it is finished.

Keep plastic on candy canes. Canes should not be sticking above candle when complete so make sure the candle is tall enough. Never leave candles unattended when burning.

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