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Dessert to Go

Dessert To Go

Recipe Ingredients


  1. Put a colander or strainer in a bowl. Pour cherries into the strainer, draining the juice into the bowl. Save the juice to add to orange juice or other drinks; you do not need the juice for this recipe.
  2. Put the drained cherries on a cutting board. With a sharp knife, carefully cut each cherry in half. Set aside.
  3. Prepare pudding according to package directions using 1 3/4 cups cold milk.
  4. Refrigerate pudding for 10 minutes.
  5. Meanwhile, put cherry halves in a large mixing bowl.
  6. With a rubber spatula, scoop whipped topping into the bowl. Stir gently until cherries are mixed with whipped topping.
  7. Fill each cone with 1/4 cup pudding.
  8. Top each with 1/2 cup cherry mixture.
  9. Decorate with colored sprinkles or a maraschino cherry.
  10. Serve immediately.

Yield: 6 servings

This dessert is best eaten with a spoon.

Recipe and photo credit: National Cherry Growers Foundation.

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