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Watermelon Surprise


  • 2 small to medium watermelons
  • 1 to 2 cups margarita mix
  • Tequila

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  1. Wash and dry watermelons. With a long, sharp knife, mark off a 5 to 6-inch circle on top of the watermelons. Cut a deep cone into the center of each watermelon. Remove the plug.
  2. Turn watermelons over and let them drain for about 30 minutes; discard juice.
  3. Turn melons open side up. Into one pour 1/2 to 1 cup liquid margarita mix.
  4. To fill cavity, wait a bit and add more as it is absorbed (if using dry Margarita mix, prepare as directed and fill melons).
  5. For second melon, measure a similar amount of mix and combine with tequila, using 3 parts mix to 1 part tequila.
  6. Pour into second watermelon.
  7. Let melons stand as liquid is absorbed.
  8. Replace plug.
  9. Mark one melon alcoholic and the other melon non-alcoholic.

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