Spider Dip Bowl

Invite this 8 legged friend to this years Halloween get together. You can pull off his legs and eat them like breadsticks or bake extra legs for dipping.

Spider Dip Bowl


  • 2 loaves Rhodes Bread Dough, thawed
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 2 raisins


  1. Form one loaf into a round ball. Place on a large cookie sheet that has been sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. with other loaf, cut off end and form a small round ball (about one eight of loaf) and place above body.
  2. Horizontally, slice remaining dough into 8 strips and roll into ropes for legs. Place under head and upper body. Place raisins on head for eyes. Brush with beaten egg and cover with plastic wrap coated with non-stick spray. Allow to double in size.
  3. Remove wrap and bake in 350 degree F oven for 25-30 minutes.
  4. Allow to cool on rack.
  5. Slice off top and hollow out. Line with lettuce and spoon in salsa or nacho dip.

Recipe and photo used with permission from: Rhodes Bake-N-Serv

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