LuAnn's Family Favorites Recipes

LuAnn's Main Dish Recipes

Family-approved recipes shared by LuAnn Bermeo, author of Amazing Meals I and II, a two-volume collection of delicious, nutritious plant-based recipes.

Asparagus Lasagna
Aunt Audrey's Spinach Casserole
Black Bean and Zucchini Chilaquiles
Black Beans with Rice
Cheese Enchiladas in Green Sauce
Creamy Black Bean and Spinach Burritos
Fajita Pizza
Gloria’s Gluten Choplets (or "Steaks")
Hawaiian Curry
Indian Burritos
Mama's Eggplant Roast
Mama's Llapingachos (Ecuadorian Cheese-Filled Potato Patties)
Mother's Woodchuck (Creamed Eggs over Chow Mein Noodles)
Papa a la Huancaína
Potluck Stroganoff
Vegeburger and Bean Tortilla Casserole
Vegetable and Garbanzo Curry
Vegetable Korma
Zucchini and Corn Casserole

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