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Butter Steak

Butter Steak

Garlic and browned Challenge Butter are the basic ingredients for this recipe, but what sets it apart more than anything else is sea salt rubbed onto dry meat. Once seared in piping hot Challenge Butter, it creates a crisp crust, which holds the juices into the meat and makes the moistest and most flavorful steak you’ve ever tasted. Feel free to serve with mushrooms or wrap with cooked peppered bacon and top with bleu cheese crumbles for simple, restaurant-style twists on this delicious recipe.



  1. Pat the steak as dry as possible with a clean paper towel. Rub both sides with garlic and sprinkle with sea salt, pepper and paprika.
  2. Melt Challenge Butter in a Good Cook skillet over medium-high heat. As soon as the Challenge Butter begins to bubble and brown, place the steak into the Challenge Butter and sear for 3-5 minutes (for medium-rare doneness) or 4-6 minutes (for medium).
  3. Flip the steak and cook on the second side for another 2-3 minutes (for medium-rare) or 3-4 minutes (for medium).
  4. Remove steak from the pan, place on a serving platter and allow to cool for 8-10 minutes before serving. This will keep the juices in the meat, leaving you a moist and tender piece of steak.
  5. Slice meat against the grain, serve and enjoy.

Yield: 5 servings

Recipe and photo credit: Challenge Dairy.

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