Batter Bowl Cakes


Flower Pot Cake

Bake a 1 or 2 quart batter bowl cake. Make a batch of Rice Krispies Treats and cut out flower shapes using the Scalloped Bread Tube. Place a gumdrop into the center of each with a toothpick. Place each "flower" on a long skewer and poke them in the top of the cake. Looks like a flowerpot with flowers!! You can decorate the cake any way you want. Variation: Put crushed cookies on top to look like dirt and add gummy worms!!

Wedding/Chapel Bells Cake

Bake cake in 2 quart Batter bowl. Cut in half (just like football/Easter egg cakes). Put narrow ends toward each other, angling wider ends apart. Decorate with white icing. Cut powdered sugar donut hole in half for bell clappers. Decorate top of bells with ribbons and flowers to match bride's colors.

Cappuccino Cake

Set cake on platter just is it came out of bowl. Frost sides of cake and about 1/2 inch of top with blue or other colored icing. Frost top of cake with chocolate icing. Use pipe cleaner for cup handle. Don't forget the whipped topping - cappuccino isn't the same without it!!

Easter Basket Cake

Make a Batter Bowl cake using only 1 cake mix and adding only half of the water the mix calls for. This needs to be an almost dense cake for this one. Place Batter Bowl cake with small end on the plate. Decorate cake like a basket, frosting with cocoa frosting, etc... you can really go crazy and do a basket weave pattern all around the sides with the half-shell tip. Put a new pipe cleaner into a new straw and bend for the handle-inserting ends deep into the top of the cake. Frost the top with green frosting and sprinkle some green-tinted coconut on top of that. Then you can finish it off by putting some wrapped chocolate eggs on top of the "grass".

Spring Bonnet Cake

(featured in Kids in the Kitchen cookbook)

Bake cake in 2 quart Bowl. Set cake, large end down, on serving platter. Tint frosting with food color, if desired. Place vanilla cream sandwich cookies around base for the "brim". Use a fruit roll-up to tie a ribbon around the base of the cake. Decorate with candies to form flowers, etc.

Barbie/Bride Cake

Bake cake and use as a wedding gown or doll skirt with doll inserted up to the waist (after baking, of course!)

Teapot Cake

The handle, spout and lid are made up of sugar cookie dough. You just roll out the dough and cut a pattern of a handle and pour spout and a circle for the lid. Bake and cool. The actual pot was decorated in pastel colors with little flowers on it which I'm sure could be done with the easy accent decorator. Then the cookie pieces were attached to the pot. This would be great for Mother's Day

Recipe credit: Pampered Chef

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