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Oreo Turkeys


  • Oreo cookies
  • Candy corn
  • Malted milk balls
  • Icing (not whipped)


  1. Open one Oreo and place one part, icing side up (eat the other half).
  2. Add a bit of icing as glue, and stand another Oreo up on it (this is your turkey body).
  3. Spread one side half of the standing Oreo with icing, and attach 5 or 6 pieces of candy corn...fanned out like turkey feathers.
  4. Add a malted milk ball to the top of the other side, for head.
  5. An additional piece of candy corn can be used for a wattle (or a red M&M).
  6. Add candy pumpkins for effect...and create your own little turkey farm!

Posted by Marla at Recipe Goldmine on 10/20/2001, 12:54 pm.

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