The Advantages of Copper Cookware

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Copper cookware has been around for ages and carries with it a sense of quality and tradition that is still respected by professionals today. When you think about, it seems like every kitchen on the Food Network is stocked with copper cookware, hanging just within reach of the master chef.

Rumor has it, though, that copper cookware takes a little extra care to keep it looking nice and clean. If that is so, what are its benefits?

That can be summed up pretty easily: cooking ability, weight and aesthetic quality.

Cooking Ability

This is where copper cookware really shines, in a manner of speaking. Copper is arguably the best heat-conducting metal commonly used in cookware (with aluminum coming in second). In fact, copper is so good at conducting heat it is used as the core metal in the very best clad cookware utensils.

Copper cookware never develops hot spots and will provide even cooking throughout the utensil. It will also let heat travel up the sides of the utensil so heat will be even more thoroughly and evenly distributed. This allows professional and at-home chefs to achieve and maintain very precise temperatures, which is sometimes necessary for executing complex recipes.

So, if it’s so great why cover it up by cladding it? Copper, unfortunately, is toxic and can cause harm if it leaches into food. Even the copper pots and pans you see so lustrously adding to the beauty of TV kitchens are lined with tin or steel to prevent the copper from coming into contact with the food.

This is why copper is often clad in another metal, usually stainless steel in high-quality cookware. You may also notice that many cookware pieces (and teapots) feature a copper bottom.

Even so, copper cookware is very safe, and the linings in them can usually be replaced if they somehow get damaged.


Many people feel cast iron is too heavy for everyday use.Cast-iron Dutch ovens are good because you just leave them sit, and big cast-iron skillets are good for the same reason. Alternatively, titanium pans are so light sometimes it’s like they don’t want to stay on the burner.

If you’re moving your pans around or dumping mixtures from one to the next you want cookware with an even weight, and copper delivers. In other words, it “handles” well when you’ve got a lot of things cooking at once.

Aesthetic Quality

Believe it or not, a lot of people buy copper cookware for the sheer beauty of it. That’s not to say it can’t or shouldn’t be used, of course; a high-quality copper cookware set is the definition of functional art. It’s just that many find that it really brings a kitchen to life, especially when stored on a hanging rack and on display.

Whether you’re looking for cookware that will deliver an excellent cooking performance or are just looking for a way to bring some style and energy to your kitchen, you can do both with a copper cookware set.

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