Find Fun Healthy Foods for Kids

Many parents find that it can be difficult to get their kids to eat healthy well-balanced meals. They have picky tastes, which are often largely confined to junk food. The solution is to find fun healthy foods for kids that everyone enjoys. Vegetables can be boring in their original state, but it’s possible to make them into something special with a little imagination. Kids tend to like to play with their food, and attractive presentation is beneficial when trying to get them to eat healthier. Junk food can be very visually appealing to children, but it’s possible to make equally attractive healthy meals that will promote satisfaction and good nutrition. Here are some ideas for fun healthy food for kids to get you started.

Create Variety in Your Meals

When you’re seeking to find fun healthy food for kids, start by breaking away from the norm, and trying some new recipes. You can have essentially the same ingredients, and present them in an entirely different way, making an old boring meal seem new and exciting. If your kids are tired of sandwiches, take the filling and put it in a tortilla instead of bread for a new look. Kids like novelty, and you get them to eat all the healthy ingredients of the original meal.

Prepare Some Finger Food

Kids tend to be fans of food that they can pick up with their hands and eat easily. Therefore, cutting foods into bite-sized pieces, or making regular portions smaller can improve their enthusiasm. Fun healthy food for kids might include something like “ants on a log” which consists of celery filled with peanut butter and raisin “ants.” In other cases, you can get them to eat more fruits and vegetables by cutting them into small pieces, and maybe providing a dip to go along with it. Try making small kid-sized portions of your favorite meals. Cut sandwiches smaller, bake miniature muffins, or roll up little slices of meat that can be picked up and eaten easily. Shish kebabs are another great option. Kids might even decide to eat yucky vegetables if they’re skewered on a stick.

Use Different Design and Shapes

It’s possible to form a lot of foods and baking into different shapes that would appeal to kids on an aesthetic level. Using a cookie cutter, you can make pancakes in fun shapes. This could also work for eggs. If you want them to eat a particular sandwich, try cutting a face or other design into the bread to make it seem more fun. If you’re making pizza, get your child to help you design the topping so they have greater input.

Make It Convenient

Kids often choose foods based on the ease of acquiring and eating them. A bag of chips or box of cookies is much more readily available then a bowl of salad or sandwich. As a result, kids often end up making poorer food choices. In order to counter this, you can create convenient healthy food packs. Nuts and dried fruit can work nicely for this. Simply make up a small bag of these items, and place it in a convenient spot. A bag of cereal, or cut up fruit and vegetables are also good choices.

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