General Facts about Asthma

• Asthma is a serious lifelong health problem that affects 25.9 million Americans in which 7.1 million children are the sufferer according to the statistics generated by EPA (ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION AGENCY)

• Asthma is a disease that directly hinders the breathing procedure. The airways of the lungs become affected and produces symptoms like wheezing, coughing , breathlessness and chest pain

• Asthma attack is led up by several forms of allergens, smoke, contamination or other respiratory infections

• According to WHO reports, nearly 235 million people are hurting from the Asthma

• The preponderance of asthma is higher among with the below poverty line families or with low income

• As WHO states, the rate of asthma mortality will increase in the next 10 years if immediate actions are not used up as asthma has no remedy. The best means to deal with the condition is to maintain control over asthma is to know the triggers and take preventive medications or measures to avoid asthma attack.

Asthma and the surroundings

• Environment triggers like tobacco smoke, dust mites, mildew, cockroaches and pet dander are one of the major causative reasons behind asthma attack

• Ozone and particle pollution can induce an asthma attack as it prepares the person sensitive towards allergens such as pet dander, pollen, dust mites and mold

• Early disclosure to second-hand smoke can cause asthma in pre -school aged kids

• Asthma can strike people at any age and can change over time

Asthma in kids

• Kids suffering from asthma under 15 years of age has been ranked the third cause of hospitalization

• On average, one out of every 10 school going child is suffering from asthma and has become one of the major reason of school absenteeism

• Nearly seven million asthmatic children visit to see doctor and about 200,000 are hospitalized

• In youngsters, boys are more susceptible to get asthma than girls as recent surveys they have sensitive respiratory tracts and have shown hyper responsiveness towards the various allergens in recent clinical studies

The cost of Asthma

• The yearly expenses of asthma costs more than $ 56 billion per year which includes costs of hospital stays, missed school and work days

Asthma and its handling

• The treatment of asthma is treated with medicines taken via inhalers. There are emergency inhalers that are required to be taken when asthma symptoms occur.

Preventive inhalers control the swelling and inflammation control and aids in avoiding asthma attack. Use up the asthma medication on a regular basis.

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