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Domino's Cinnatwists and Garlic Twisty Bread

When I worked there several years ago, any kind of the "twisty" side items that Domino's served (i.e. their garlic twisty bread) was made out of their regular hand tossed pizza dough.

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  • 1 medium size pizza dough ball
  • Butter (for Garlic Twisty Bread and Cinnatwists)
  • Garlic-Herb seasoning (for Garlic Twisty Bread)
  • Cinnamon-Sugar (for Cinnatwists)


  1. Here's what we did (for example) to make the Garlic Twisty Bread... we took a medium size pizza dough ball and "slapped" it out into a round like we would to make a pizza... but instead of saucing it and making a pizza, we took each dough prep and cut it into 1-inch strips using a pizza cutter. Each strip was then held at one end, while the other end was twisted by three one-half turns (or easier, three "flips" of the dough strip). The twisted strips were then placed on a baking rack and run through the oven one time. When baked, the twisted bread strips were coated or basted with butter and then sprinkled with a garlic/herb seasoning... voila!... Domino's Twisty Bread.
  2. Now, I'm guessing that they are doing the exact same thing with these Cinnatwist things, except they are sprinkling some kind of cinnamon/sugar topping on them instead of using a garlic/herb seasoning. Try this... go to the store and get a roll of unbaked pizza crust (i.e. Pillsbury). Roll it out and cut it into the strips like I described above. Make the twists in each one and then bake until golden brown according to package directions. When they get out of the oven, immediately brush with a generous amount of melted butter. Prepare a desired amount of Cinnamon/Sugar mixture (probably 4 parts sugar to 1 part ground cinnamon) and shake well to combine. Roll the buttered twisty breads in the Cinnamon/Sugar mixture and serve warm. The end product will probably be very similar to Domino's Cinnatwists.


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Source: Posted by Chef Chad (Houston, Texas)

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