Household Hints - Babies, Toddlers and Children

After your baby outgrows his or her infant tub, buy an inexpensive plastic laundry basket. Set it in the regular tub, add water, and you're ready to bathe baby.

Hang a 5 or 10 pound size nylon potato bag over the bathtub faucet handle. Fill it with bath time toys. This will keep all the toys in one place, they'll dry easily, and you won't have a mess.

To wash bottles, nipples, caps, etc. in the dishwasher, put them in a nylon net bag that closes with a drawstring. That way they'll stay in one place in the dishwasher.

So that your baby can hold the bottle without it slipping out of his or her grasp, cut the foot out of an old sock. Put the resultant tube around the baby bottle. This will help the baby keep a good grip on the bottle.

If there are socks that match your baby's outfit, simply pin them to the outfit when you do the laundry. This way you won't be looking all over for them when it's dressing time.

Add baking soda to the wash cycle when doing baby's laundry. It will soften the fabric, but it won't irritate or chafe the baby.

Wait until baby is asleep before cutting his or her nails.

High Chair
Apply textured bathtub appliqu s to the chair back and seat to prevent baby from slipping and sliding.

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