American-British Ingredients

This will help cooks when they are not sure about a particular ingredient used in American or British cooking.

American Ingredient           British Ingredient
all-purpose flour = plain flour
andouille sausage = smoked sausage
baked potato  = jacket potato
baking soda = bicarbonate of soda
beef stock = brown stock
beet = beetroot
bell pepper = green pepper
bittersweet chocolate = cooking chocolate/dark (at least 70% cocoa solids)
bouillon granules = stock cube
brown gravy mix = bisto
brown sugar = light brown sugar
cake flour = For every cup of plain flour, remove two tablespoons and replace with 2 tablespoons cornflour. Sift together.
Canadian bacon = back bacon
candied fruit = crystallised fruit
chicken stock = white stock
chicory = endive
chocolate sprinkles = chocolate vermicelli
chuck steak = braising steak
cilantro = fresh coriander
confectioners' sugar = icing sugar
cookie/cracker = biscuit
corn = maize
corned beef = bully beef
cornmeal = polenta
corn syrup = golden syrup
cornstarch = cornflour
egg substitute = egg white
egg plant = aubergine
extract = essence
fava beans = broad beans
fish sticks = fish fingers
fish stock = white stock
French fries = chips
frosting = icing
frozen whipped topping = long-life whipped UHT cream
garbanzo beans = chickpeas
gingersnap = gingernut
Graham cracker = digestive biscuit
granulated sugar = caster sugar
great Northern beans = cannellini beans
green onions = spring onions
ground beef (ground
    lamb, turkey, pork)
= minced beef (minced lamb, turkey, pork)
Half-and-Half = single cream
ham steaks = gammon steaks
hamburger bun = bap
heavy cream = double cream
instant pudding mix = whipped dessert mix
Jell-O® gelatin = jelly
jelly = jam
jelly beans = jelly babies
ladyfinger = sponge finger
lasagna noodles = lasagne sheets
light brown cane sugar = demerara sugar
light cream = single cream
meatball = faggot
molasses = treacle
navy beans = haricot
non-fat milk = skimmed milk
oatmeal = porridge
pie crust = pastry crust
pizza crust = pizza base
plastic wrap = clingfilm
pork tenderloin = pork fillet
porterhouse steak = sirloin
potato chips = crisps
= icing sugar
raisins (white) = sultanas
reduced fat milk = semi-skimmed milk
romaine = cos lettuce
scallions = spring onions
self-rising flour = self-raising flour
semisweet chocolate = dark chocolate (around 50% cocoa solids)
shortening (Crisco®) = solid white vegetable fat
shredded coconut = desiccated coconut
sirloin = rump steak
snow peas = mangetout
string beans = French beans
superfine sugar = caster sugar
sweet pepper = bell pepper
tomato paste = tomato puree
top round = silverside
wax (waxed) paper = greaseproof paper
whole kernel corn = sweetcorn
whole wheat flour = wholemeal flour
Whoppers = Maltesers
zucchini = courgette

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