Growing Herbs and Sprouts

Four Rules for Growing Herbs Indoors

1. 5 to 6 hours direct sunlight every day
2. warm temperature
3. fertilizer
4. humidity

Transplanting and Growing Herbs

Use pot one size larger than root ball. Clay or terra cotta pot. Herbs cannot tolerate being in standard water. Put broken chard of pottery in pot over drainage hole. Fill pot one-half full of standard potting soil. Set plant in soil. Gently fill the pot with soil to within 1 inch of top.

In dark area, don't fertilize. In bright area, fertilize about every 4 weeks. Let plants dry out thoroughly before watering - when dry down 1 inch into soil. Water liberally until water comes out bottom of pot.

Purchase as a bedding plant. Pot in standard potting soil. Place in sunny window.

Onion chives have round leaves. Garlic chives have flat leaves. To harvest, clip plant right down to the base of the soil. Enhances fish dishes, Mexican foods, chives mixed with softened butter.

Can grow in bright, sunny window all year round. Flowers are beautiful in salads.

High in vitamins E and A.

Best bought as a young transplant from nursery. Bright sun, 6 hours a day. Let dry thoroughly between watering. Standard potting mix. To harvest, pinch or shear 2 to 3 inches of stem tips to encourage strong future growth.

Comes in many flavors, including lemon, coconut, etc. Grow indoors in at least 6 hours of indirect sunlight per day. Use a standard potting mix supplemented with coarse sand. To harvest, pinch or shear 2 to 3 inches of stem tips to encourage strong future growth. Do not chop for cooking. To use in cooking. Hold stem upside down; pull down on leaves.

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