Turkey Recipes

Jerk Turkey Breast

Juicy and spicy smoked turkey to die for, a truly southern delight. Don't expect leftovers!


  • Whole turkey breast
  • White wine
  • Caribbean jerk
  • Cayenne
  • Garlic
  • Basil
  • Injector
  • Smoker
  • Cured red oak and green ouisache wood


  1. Mix the white wine and fine ground spices in a sauce pan and cook until all alcohol has been boiled off. Adjust spices to taste. Allow to cool. Load injector with the mix and pump deep into the thawed turkey breast. Allow to sit in a large (2 gallon) zip bag overnight, with the remainder of the wine/spice mix, to marinate fully. Turn periodically to stir spice mix.
  2. Place uncovered in the cooking part of the barbecue pit at a steady 300 degrees F fueled by cured red oak until done (meat thermometer reads 180 degrees F interior temperature). Then transfer the turkey to the smoker and add ouisache to begin the smoking process. Allow to cook for at least an additional 4 hours, longer if a smokier taste is desired.
  3. Allow to cool to the touch before carving for best results.


This recipe is for a whole turkey breast (from a 20+ pound turkey hen), with the skin left on. A barbecue pit with a smoker section is best for this recipe. A large cooking syringe made specifically for injecting spices works best. I'm sure that this recipe will not be followed to the letter in every regard, but get it as close as possible for best results.

The remainder of the turkey can be injected and fried in peanut oil, baked in the oven, whatever suits one's fancy. Cook plain for the kids (or others) if they are picky eaters and don't know what they're missing.


Posted by CookinMom at Recipe Goldmine May 3, 2001.

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