Couzan Billy Burger

Well I did get to testing a new burger a while back...just haven't posted it yet. It is fairly unique and combines some tastes you may not think work. Give it a try...

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  1. Cut thick slices of red onion...about 1/2 inch for you onion lovers...thinner for the rest of us!
  2. Grill these over low heat and apply your favorite BBQ sauce to both sides. Be careful not to burn and over cook. Set these aside and cover loosely with foil.
  3. Then prepare your burger as you normally would and toast your buns.
  4. Place the onion slice on the bottom bun and then the burger and top with your favorite bleu cheese dressing. This topping can be homemade very easily. Here are a couple of ideas...
  5. Mix bleu cheese with butter. Just enough butter to prevent the cheese from crumbling.
  6. Mix bleu cheese with Mayo or sour cream, add some salt and pepper and a few drops of Tabasco sauce. I mix mine with Miracle Whip and Tabasco...again just enough to prevent the cheese from crumbling. I do this in my little hand processor.


Posted by BBQ Guru at Recipe Goldmine May 29, 2001.

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