Family Favorites Sandwich Recipes

  • Best Ham Sandwiches photo — These Ham Sandwiches are great served hot or at room temperature.
  • Cream Cheese, Nut and Olive Sandwiches photo — This has always been a favorite of ours. For some reason, we always take this on road trips.
  • Fluffernutter — This is a very old recipe.
  • Italian Beef photo — This makes delicious roast beef sandwiches.
  • Lox, Bagel and Cream Cheese photo — Lox, Bagel and Cream Cheese is one of my favorite comfort foods. I had this wonderful sandwich for the first time at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco many years ago. This is best enjoyed with a cup of piping hot black coffee.
  • Maid-Rites photo — The Angel brothers started this restaurant in 1926. Those of you with recipes that call for ketchup in the recipe have got a FAKE recipe. Maid-Rite has NEVER added ketchup to their meat for their classic burger while cooking it.