Spread and Flavored Butter Recipes, page 2

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Spreads and flavored butters are especially useful during the holiday season. They can be used on pancakes, biscuits, crackers, coffee cakes, pound cakes and anything else your heart desires. Savory or sweet spreads and butters are very easy to make, and they keep very well refrigerated. So go ahead and make several different flavors, and we can guarantee that you will be thankful that you have them ready.

Non-Fat Garlic Spread for Garlic Bread
North Woods Cheese Spread
Onion Butter
Orange Butter
Orange Cheese Spread
Orange Ginger Butter
Orange Honey Butter
Parmesan Spread for Fish
Peach Almond Butter
Peach Honey Butter
Pear Butter
Pumpkin Spice Butter
Raspberry Butter
Raspberry Butter 2
Red, White and Blueberry Cheese Spread
Roasted Garlic Spread
Salmon Spread
Savory Edam Spread
Shrimp Butter
Shrimp Spread
Smoked Tomato Butter
Sour Cream Scallion Butter
Spicy Three-Cheese Spread
Strawberry Butter
Sun-Dried Tomato Cheese Spread
Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Butter
Sweet Lemon Butter
Sweet Potato Butter
Vidalia Onion Spread
Whiskey Butter

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