Eggnog Pots de Crème

Delicious French "pots of custard" are a delicious Christmas-time dessert dating back to the 17th Century.

Holiday Glazed Pork Roast

In addition to being very tasty, this pork roast will lend a delightful aroma as it is roasting.

Christmas Cinnamon Rolls

Simply the cutest reindeer, snowman and santa's belly! It's guaranteed that the kids will love these. Make your holiday party cheery and bright with themed cinnamon rolls on the dessert table.

Cranberry Whip

Cranberry Whip is another of my Mom's favorite recipes. It always graced her table at Thanksgiving and Christmas. My Mom never used the nuts in this recipe, probably because there were so many nuts in the other dishes that she prepared.

Caramel Walnut-Glazed Spiral Ham

A delicious twist to a traditional holiday dish, this succulent caramel-glazed ham is sure to become a family favorite. Hints of ginger, crunchy walnuts and aromatic apple make this recipe a magnificent centerpiece for Christmas dinner.

Roast Duck with Orange Sauce

Add the refreshing taste of orange to your roast duckling. This recipe is sure to become a holiday favorite in your home.

God's Rainbow - Noahic Covenant

Honor God