No-Bake Cookie Recipes

There appears to be confusion about no-bake cookies. No-bake simply means that the cookies are not baked in the oven. However, there may be some no-bake recipes where part of the preparation involves cooking on the stove top or the microwave.

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Apricot Balls
Apricot Nut Balls
April Fool Cookies
Avalanche No Bake Cookies photo
Baptist Skillet Cookies
Buckeye Bars
Butter Balls
Cashew Buckeye Cookies photo
Cherry Rum Balls
Chinese Noodle Cookies
Chocolate-Kahlua Truffle Cookies
Chocolate Raspberry Cookie Balls
Cocoa Butter Balls
Confetti Squares
Cookie Dough Truffles
Crackerjack Cookies
Cream Cheese Balls
Crème de Menthe Balls
Decadent Bites
Easy Cookies
Elephant Ears 2
Everyone's Favorite No Bake Cookies
Fudgy Cocoa No Bake Treats
Goof Balls
Grandma's Strawberry Cookies
Hawaiian Mocha Dream Squares (T&T)
Jiminy Cricket Cookie Suckers
Krispies Cookies
Krispies Peanut Butter Marshmallow Cookies
Lemon Blossom Oreo Cookie Balls
Marshmallow Porcupines
Melt Cookies photo
Mississippi Mud Cookies
Mud Pies
M&M's No Bake Cookies

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