DISCLAIMER: All recipes were obtained from sources believed to be reputable, but some ingredients may be somewhat controversial. The recipes are on this site as a courtesy to those who avidly prepare homemade food for their pets. If there is any doubt, please consult your veterinarian before using any of these recipes.

Dog Food Recipes, page 2

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Happy Trail Dog Biscuits
Liver Cookies (for dogs)
Liver Diamonds (for dogs)
Liver Treats for Dogs
Magic Meatballs (for dogs)
Microwave Dog Biscuits
Munchy Pup Cakes (for dogs)
Nice Spice Dog Biscuits
Nutty Buddy Dog Food
Original Vanilla Bones (for dogs)
Parsley Biscuits (for dogs)
Party Mackerel Loaf (for dogs, cats and people)
Pavlov's Beagle Biscotti (for dogs)
Pavlov's Beggin' Bones (for dogs)
Peanut Butter Dog Delights
Peanut Butter Snaps
Peanut Butter Treats for Dogs (and People)
Poochie Pleasin' Pretzels (for dogs)
Potato and Salmon Dog Food
Pumpkin Dog Biscuits photo
Pumpkin Patch Dog Biscuits
Pupsicles (for dogs)
Rover Rewards (for dogs)
Salivatin' Cinnamon Apple Nips (for dogs)
Sam's Savory Snack (For Your Dog) photo
Simple Dog Biscuits
Snerdlee, Dweezel, Hennesey's and Barkley's Favorite Cookies (for dogs)
Sweet Potato Pie Dog Biscuits
Tail Wagging Dog Biscuits (for dogs)
Tomato and Turkey Jerky (for dogs)
Trigger Treats (for dogs)
Turkey Jerky (for dogs)
Yip Yap Banana Snaps

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