African Main Dish Recipes

African Beef and Rice
African Groundnut Stew
African Red Dip with Shrimp
Bean Drops (Binch Akara)
Beef and Liver Kabobs
Beef in Pepper Sauce
Bobotie (Bobotjie) photo
Chicken in Peanut Sauce
Chicken Yassa
Coconut Corn Curry
Doro Wat
Fish Baked with Tomatoes and Spices
Fish Stew with Vegetables
Fish with Cumin Paste
Jollof Rice (African Chicken and Rice Casserole)
Marrakesh Chicken
Mozambique Fiery Shrimp Curry
Nigerian Beef and Sausage
South African Curry
South African Meat Loaf
West African Roast Pepper Chicken

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