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Texan cuisine is the food associated with the U.S. state of Texas. Texas is a large state, and its cuisine has been influenced by a wide range of cultures, including Southern, German, British, African American, Cajun/Creole, Mexican, Native American, Asian, and to a lesser degree, Jewish and Italian.

ABC Sandwich
Austin Fajitas
Authentic Texas Border Chili
Black Eyes of Texas Casserole
Blond Texas Sheet Cake with Caramel-Pecan Frosting
Canary Island Doughnuts
Chef Eddie Jackson’s Smoky Texas Chili with Cheddar Jalapeño Dumplings photo
Chili Queen Chili
Classic Texas Sheet Cake
Costillas de Tejas (Texas Ribs)
Cowboy Smothered Steak
Cream of Green Chile Soup
Deep-Fried Turkey
Dr Pepper Texas Chocolate Cake
East Texas Buttermilk Pie photo
El Paso Border Beans
El Paso Red Sauce
Fancy Fajitas
Genuine Texas Chili Bread
Grilled Texas 1011 Meat Kabobs
Grilled Texas Shrimp
Hot Dr Pepper photo
Lone Star Bacon and Cheddar Fries
Lone Star Rice
Lone Star Steak Sauce
Menudo de la Frontera photo
Neiman Marcus Bars (Texas Gold) photo
Pedernales River Chili
Real Texas Chili
Red Peanut Patties
Rio Grande Valley Pink Grapefruit Pie
River Walk Strawberry Pie
Roast Chicken with Fruited Tortilla Stuffing
Roast Turkey
San Antonio Stew
South Texas Carne Guisada photo
Stuffed Jalapenos Texas Style

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