Divinity Recipes

Humidity during preparation can affect the quality of divinity. For a batch to be successful, the humidity must be low enough for the candy to dry properly. We cannot recommend making divinity if the humidity is over 50%.

Any Flavor Divinity
Apricot Divinity
Basic Divinity with Variations
Black Walnut Divinity
Brown Sugar Divinity
Cappuccino Divinity
Caramel Divinity Dreams
Chocolate Divinity
Chocolate Divinity Kisses
Coconut Divinity
Divinity Drops
Divinity Fudge
Divinity (with variations)
Dreamy Orange Divinity
Honey Almond Divinity
Honey Divinity
Jell-O Divinity
Macadamia Divinity
Marshmallow Creme Divinity
Oklahoma Cherry Divinity
Peanut Butter Divinity
Peanut Butter Divinity Slices
Peppermint Divinity
Pink Divinity
Raspberry Divinity
Raspberry Divinity Squares
Roasted Peanut Divinity
Spiced Divinity
Strawberry Divinity
Yellow Divinity


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